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Line prices for translations *)
  General Texts Special Texts **)
EUR 1,70 EUR 1,90

*) The line price refers to a standard line with approx. 65 keystrokes in the target language.
Texts having no full lines (e.g. birth certificates) may also be accounted for per word: EUR 0,17 - 0,19 per word
(This corresponds to a line price of EUR 1,70 - 1,90 at approx. 10 words per line)

**) The standard price may be slightly higher if the level of difficulty is increased or in case of rush orders or orders over the week-end

hourly rate EUR 70,--

Certification fees
per document EUR 10,--
per document (for more than 5) EUR 5,--

(certification of correctness and completeness for school records,
references, deeds or documents of courts, authorities, notaries or
lawyers etc.)

Interpreting fees
hourly rate (60 minutes) EUR 70,--
daily rate (max. 8 hours) EUR 600,--

Language training
hourly rate (45 minutes) EUR 70,--

Driving expenses and driving time will be added (€ 35,- per hour).

The prices stated are net prices.


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